What to wear to a wedding: Guest Attire for Men


Wedding season is booming this year. Perhaps it's due to the lift-in lockdown restriction, or Cupid is busy with his bow and arrow! Whatever it is, there is no doubt that love is in the air.

Weddings are more than just the union of two people; they are also a time to celebrate with your friends and families and recognise the roles they have played in your lives.

Men often struggle with deciding what to wear to a wedding. While you may want to look your best, you may only own a few formalwear pieces or be unfamiliar with wedding dress codes. 

If this describes you, don't worry; we've covered you! This article will give you some ideas for what to wear to a wedding and a breakdown of the most popular dress codes.


1) Black Tie 

Black-tie is the go-to dress code for most formal events. Dressing in a black tie for a man has specific requirements, such as a black tuxedo or dinner jacket, but you can express yourself with a pocket square or subtly with some cufflinks.


 2) Formal 

Many Black-Tie attire rules apply if the wedding dress code is Formal. The most significant difference is that formal attire does not require a tuxedo. A Formal dress code is a perfect time to showcase your best 3-piece or 2-piece suit.


3) Smart Casual 

This dress code may also be referred to as semi-formal on invitations.

Many men struggle to strike the right balance between smart and casual. Generally, being overdressed at a wedding is preferable to being underdressed.

These weddings are often more fashion-forward, so be more adventurous with your attire. Wear bright colours or contrasting jackets and trousers to show your personality.


4) Cocktail 

Cocktail: If the dress code is 'Cocktail,' you should dress in a dark suit in blue or grey, a light shirt, and dark leather lace-up shoes. As a subtle eye-catcher with colour or pattern, the tie can add variety.



You've responded to the wedding invitation, found a plus-one, and decided on the suit you'll wear. Now comes the important part where you make sure your suit fits properly and doesn't appear to have been borrowed, especially for the wedding (even if you did).

1. Check that the suit fits. Buying one off the rack is fine as long as it is altered to fit your body.

2. Do you have a clean, white shirt? If so, wear it. If not, get one.

3. As a general rule - match your belt to your shoes and other leather accessories as a general rule. Match your watch to your belt buckle and other metals in terms of metals.

4. Avoid bulging pockets. Find another place to keep your keys, wallet, and phone.   Cardholders (please provide a hyperlink to the cardholder) are small enough to fit in the pocket of a suit jacket. Bring only the key you need to get home.

5. Your jacket sleeve should never completely conceal your shirt sleeve. A small band of shirt cuff (around 1.3 cm) should be visible. 

The Look 

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